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shenzhen winhongxin packaging technoloyg co.,ltd.the company is mainly engaged in all kinds of products and plastic sheet printing business, a good momentum of development of enterprises in the support of friends from all walks of life, to maintain more than 30% a year growth, has become a major business positioning business after several years of developmentin high-quality products, high standards of service for high-end customers to provide design, manufacturing, service integration supporting mechanism. Especially packaging supporting capacity of the IT international companies in the country's premier IT international companies for a number of the world has been supporting packaging manufacturing and services, the establishment of a management model to adapt to the characteristics of the IT industry management, and has won customers trust and support.
In the amount of development process in the future, will actively explore the high-end luxury goods packaging market, promote the intensification of production, adhere to customer-centric, and constantly improve and maintain the quality, and efforts to reduce costs and improve competitiveness for the purpose of the business strategy, actively expand the international market , while increasing investment in science and technology, traditional print to the technology of printing, and to increase investment in environmental protection, to ensure that the green business goals, we strive to Huatai build a talent market-oriented management of internationalization, the globalization of markets, the new generation of printing companies.  

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