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Cellophane tape box packaging industry facing the cost pressure

As the global economic slowdown, the costs of all kinds of plastic box packaging industry a certain degree of pressure relief, product gross margin increase, at the same time product demand has certain viscosity, so good is relatively stable, has the obvious defense properties. As is known to all, in the process of the global economy on a downward, categories of cycle is difficult to obtain satisfactory performance, but the downward cycle cost caused by decline will make some relatively stable demand cycle of product, so the demand will become a cycle of product under stable and cost investment important clues.
Plastic box packaging industry has the characteristics of the demand for stable and both cost down. From the perspective of the fluctuation of cellophane tape box revenue, plastic box packaging industry revenue growth of volatility between six percent and seven percent, low level in the whole industry. More importantly, in the economic downturn caused by the decline in revenue growth in the process of plastic box factory packaging industry gross profit will be increased, so the performance of strong toughness.
Plastic box packaging industry also had the characteristics of this kind of "reverse cycle". Plastic box factory according to the plan, the next five years will no longer increase new capacity, adjust the production structure, emphasis on scientific and technological innovation, further promote merger and reorganization, so the packaging industry leading companies will face a satisfying the needs of the market environment and the continuous expansion. ?

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